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Gem Stones & Himalayan Products

Gemstones have been used for many years for there amazing healing properties. You can receive many health benefits from gemstones, and can also be used as part of spiritual practices to restore energy fields, gain peace and promote love and protection. They can help with anxiety, open your heart to attract love, help give you focus. Each individual gemstone has its own healing properties to help with all aspects of life.

We have many different Himalayan salt products, lamps, bath salts, scrub bars etc. Just having a salt lamp in your room can help to cleanse the air which helps reduce allergies & asthma symptoms. It also aids better sleep by reducing stress levels. Bath salts have been shown to help people with skin issues because of its antimicrobial properties. Scrub bars are great for exfoliating skin & opening the pores exposing fresh skin to allow oils, moisturisers to be absorbed more easily leaving skin feeling fresh and thoroughly cleansed.

Bomboo gifts Gemstones
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